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Kinship Marketing Launches- A Marketing Company Specializing in Marketing Independent Creators

Portland, Or – A new type of marketing agency has launched in Portland, Oregon that specializes in marketing Independent Creators, Small-Businesses, Etsy stores, Self-Published Writers and Crowdfunding Projects.

“We like to believe we’re unlike any other type of marketing company that’s ever existed. Kinship Marketing was created because we believe in the independent creator and have created multiple marketing campaigns suited for exactly what they need.”

Kinship Marketing offers different adverting packages meant to market Kickstarters, Indiegogos, Etsy Stores and Self-Published writers. Most of the packages cost $50 a week.

“Many members of our staff are independent creators and have used Kickstarters and other Crowdfunding platforms. It’s nearly impossible for Independent Creators to get their project seen by a mass audience if they have a limited budget. What Kinship has done is explore every possible avenue of marketing and has created campaigns based off the most effective and low-cost methods. We’re not doing this for big profits. We created Kinship marketing because we understands the difficulties of being an Independent Creator and we want to assist them in achieving their goals.”

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