Tim Sloan | AFP | Getty Images

Police officers following up on stolen iPads uncovered 750 pounds of methamphetamine inside an apartment in a middle-class section of San Jose, Calif. Worth an estimated $34 million, it was the largest seizure of meth in U.S. history, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Police discovered boxes, duffel bags and thermoses of liquid and powdered meth last March in an attic that could be reached only through a small door in the back of a bedroom closet, according to The San Jose Mercury News.

Seven people — grandparents and four family members and a friend – are awaiting trial, according to the newspaper. They are suspected of being tied to a Mexican drug trafficking organization, investigators said. The apartment was used as both a residence and a lab to convert the powdered meth into a crystal form called ice, according to the D.A.’s office.